Selected Images of Egypt in the Photographic Archive Collection of the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

The McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Tennessee has in its Photographic Archives a special section of 231 Nineteenth - early Twentieth Century prints related to ancient and modern Egypt. The collection began through a generous gift early in the last century of prints by Mr. Louis Bailey Audigier of Knoxville as a result of their trip to Egypt in 1913. An additional collection of photographs was donated in 1992 by Ms. Marcia S. Young of Knoxville and a number were purchased from the book dealer John W. Pye of Brockton, Massachusetts. The collection continues to grow through donations and purchases. Mostly albumen prints produced by leading photographers of the time, they represent the themes of Temples and Tombs, Nile River Scenes, Town and Desert Life, and Egyptian Museums. Major archaeological sites and their environs are represented from Alexandria in Lower Egypt to Abu Simbel in Upper Egypt.

In 2003 and 2010, UT Digital Library Initiatives provided funding to digitize selections from the McClung Museum's photographs of Ancient Egypt. The project included the scanning of 231 prints, descriptive cataloging, theme organization, computer indexing, and digital archiving. The digital collection offers open access to the original historic prints, which would otherwise be restricted due to their fragility. The search and retrieval system for these images is being provided for Egyptologists, students, photographic historians, museum curators, enthusiasts, and collectors.


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